Project Community Connect (PCC) will be offering health services and resources to struggling families and individuals in Warrensburg, Mo on Oct. 18 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the University of Central Missouri's (UCM) Recreation Center. These services include free medical care, dental work, employment affairs and even haircuts. Ashlen Busick, volunteer committee leader with PCC, said that this will be an opportunity for those in need to also get ID's and birth certificates in order to set individuals up for their futures.

"Project Community Connect is a one day event where people in poverty can come and receive services they need," said Busick. "It's a collaborative effort of non-profit agencies, churches and individuals. We are expecting to see between 600 and 800 impoverished individuals this year and around 500 volunteers."

PCC attended to over 400 people last year. They are expecting a bigger turn out this year, due to the fact that they now have provided transportation from the surrounding community. Once the struggling families are bused to the event, they will be met by 500 volunteers with various services. Half of PCC's volunteers are from UCM's Social Work program, Department of Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology Department.  

"While this event is primarily about connecting people with services, it's also about bringing the community together," said Busick. "We hope this model in Johnson County can be an example to other communities seeking a better quality of life for its citizens."

Want to get involved? To learn more about PCC, or to help by volunteering or donating, visit their website at