It seems as if everyone is wanting to find their own source of home-grown vegetables for the remaining spring and summer months. Of course with planting a garden there's some do's and don'ts to make it more productive.

It's those small mistakes that can make it frustrating. Small blunders can cause smaller yields on your efforts. Here's a few things to help make your garden better this year.

1. Choosing a Poor Location

  • Choose your spot wisely. If you're too close to a tree, nutrients for the garden could be zapped by the root of the existing tree.

2.  Making the Garden too Big

  • How many people are you growing for? Yourself, a spouse, and maybe kids? Most likely it's not for the whole neighborhood. Start off simple if it's your first attempt. If you enjoy the process of tending a garden, you're more likely to do it again next year.

3. Don't Plant til You Get Advice

  • If you've never had a garden or it's been a while since you've planted one, find professorial advice. One of the best sources is the Farmers' Almanac or at your county agriculture extension office. Of course, there's also plenty of information on the internet as well.

If you're planting this spring, good luck, and may you have a bountiful harvest!


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