"Let's go knock over some dominoes!" says the host of a new Pizza Hut YouTube video, in which they claim to set the world record for "capsizing the most dominoes in the shape of a pizza." The video was created to promote the launch of Pizza Hut's new loyalty program. I don't know if there really is a world record for dominoes in the shape of a pizza, but it's a funny idea. And the video is pretty entertaining.

According to a Pizza Hut news release, it took 14 builders two days to set up the display of dominoes, which also included 250 pizza boxes. The exact number of dominoes used was not announced. In fact, the company is asking the public to guess the number of dominoes for a chance to win pizza for life.

Pizza Hut is challenging Hut Rewards members to submit guesses via email at HutRewards@PizzaHut.com with the number of dominoes knocked down for the opportunity to win free Pizza Hut pizza for life. Entrants must be Hut Rewards members to be eligible to win. The video of the dominoes toppling is available to watch on Pizza Hut's Facebook page and YouTube channel."

Guesses must be submitted between Thursday, August 24 at 6 a.m. CT and Thursday, August 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT. The first person to guess correctly will be awarded free pizza for life in the form of 312,000 points deposited into their Hut Rewards account which is good for one pizza, every other week for 60 years. Fans must be a member of Hut Rewards to be eligible to win.

This is not the first time a food chain has gotten cute with its competitors. Wendy's has famously gotten into "Twitter fights" with other fast-food businesses, like Burger King and Hardee's.

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