Coronavirus cases continue to soar in Pettis County. According to state data disclosed in the Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force Briefing, Pettis County had the highest rate of cases in the state for the week of October 31 - November 6. And the County ranks eighth overall in the number of coronavirus cases per county in Missouri.

The Pettis County Health Center is reporting that cases among young people ages 13 - 18 years old, now outnumbers those cases among people 19 - 24. The Pettis County Health Center says transmissions among 13 - 18 years old are not happening at school, but are being transmitted among family members and from community events.

The Pettis County Health Center says in their report, "There has been transmission identified from parties around Halloween. The November 2 time frame is within the window of those who were exposed around Halloween."

Additionally the Pettis County Health Center provided some guidance for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays:

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are going to present a significant challenge as the spread of COVID 19 continues. Please consider carefully if gathering with family and friends who do not live with you is the safest plan. If you gather together, look for ways to have social distance between family groups, try to avoid common serving spoons, make sure everyone washes hands well, open the window to improve ventilation, if Thanksgiving should be warm, consider having the gathering outside and plan to reduce contacts outside your family group for the 2 weeks before the gathering.

There is another COVID-19 community testing event sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior service and the Missouri National Guard at the Sheep Pavilion on the Missouri State Fairgrounds between 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST  on Friday November 20. You can register to be tested here.

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