Between the Cardinals playoff run, the Chiefs great start, and college football this weekend there's going to be more than a few viewing parties in West Central Missouri this weekend. The Columbia / Boone County Department of Health has posted some ways in which you can party smart with whomever you choose to watch the games with this weekend. I spiced up their tips a little bit:

  • If you can hold your watch party outside, do it. I'm thinking a garage /driveway combo or your back patio would work the best. This will reduce the chance of virus transmission. Also limit your party to 20 people. Not only will that lessen the chance of someone giving you COVID-19, your neighbors will thank you.
  • Space viewers out about ten feet if you can. When we cheer virus droplets tend to travel further.  Yeah, might be time to get that big screen TV you've had your eye on.
  • If everyone at your viewing party doesn't live together, when you're closer than six feet, wear a mask. No one likes to think about it, but we spray it more than we say it way too often. That's why they're always telling us to wear a mask.
  • Don't serve food in a common or shareable serving dish. That means no chips and dip unless everyone gets their own chips and dip. The Seinfeld gang was on the money regarding someone double dipping a chip.
  • Skip the high fives and the bro hugs when your team scores. Instead use noisemakers: things like cowbells, horns, drums, etc. Use em until your neighbor gives you the stink eye or calls the cops.
  • Finally, watch how much alcohol you consume at your party. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and may lead to increased risky behavior. You know what risky behavior gets you... the walk of shame Sunday or Monday morning. And no one wants to experience that. I bet it's worse if you have to do the walk of shame and then get COVID-19 a week later.

In all seriousness, be excellent to your friends and family and be safe if your attending or throwing a viewing party this weekend.

Remember we've got the St. Louis Cardinals and Mizzou Tigers games on "Sedalia's News Leader" KSIS 1050 and the Kansas City Chiefs game on Awesome 92.3. And you don't need to social distance from your radio at all.

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