In the warmups of a football game on Saturday, June 9 between the Mid-Missouri Outlaws and Kansas Koyotes, Outlaws kicker Derek Doerfler kicked the ball so hard, it hit the goal posts and split them at a 90 degree angle.

Split Crossbar

I have seen the posts break down after a victory celebration, but never like this. The officials and maintenance crew conferred on the best thing to do, and found it not fixable since it was broken about half and hour before kickoff.  If either team scored in the end zone with the broken goal posts, they would to go to the other side to kick the extra point. They also did this for field goal attempts.

I remember growing up and seeing the amazing dunks done by Michael Jordan, Spud Webb, Dominique Wilkins, and of course, the glass shattering ones from “Chocolate Thunder” Darryl Dawkins.

The Outlaws did win this game 33-28, which means the Koyotes own the tiebreaker in the head to head points separation when they won earlier this season 48-42.  This means the Outlaws will control their own destiny to have the chance at the playoffs.  Sioux City has the first seed with a record of 10-0;  Oklahoma Defenders are second at 7-2;  then Council Bluffs Express, Kansas Koyotes, and Mid-Missouri Outlaws are all 6-3.

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