There's a new roller coaster coming to Missouri this summer that promises to be thrilling for riders of all ages.

Six Flags St. Louis announced they're building their tenth roller coaster, the family-friendly Rookie Racer. Six Flags says, "Guests are in the driver’s seat as the Formula 1-designed coaster cars careen along the steel track. This rookie circuit is made up of a series of maneuvers including winding curves, drops, and a horizontal loop that is perfect for thrill seekers of all ages." 

It's a steel roller coaster with a track length of 834 feet, a top speed of 27 miles per hour, and a top height, according to Show Me Coasters of 41 feet. The coaster is designed for younger riders and families. You only need to be 36 inches tall to ride it, which makes it the coaster with the lowest height requirement in the park.

Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis

The layout of the coaster includes an initial banked drop, winding curves, and a horizontal loop. The video and pictures of the new coaster make it look like the entire ride length is visible from outside the ride's enclosure, which is also something that I think will make it less scary for those who have never ridden a roller coaster before.

Six Flags says the Rookie Racer will be located near the entrance to the park's much larger wooden roller coaster The Boss. Show Me Coasters says it's in the area where the go-carts used to be.

Six Flags Park President John Krajnak says in the release This family ride has the look and feel of a major coaster with a height requirement that will allow smaller kids to ride with their parents and older siblings to provide an adrenaline-charged experience like only Six Flags can. 

Six Flags St. Louis opens its 2023 season on Saturday, April 1, and the coaster will open this summer according to their release. Show Me Coasters speculates the new coaster will open Memorial Day Weekend.

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