Last week, I got to travel with the Sedalia Bombers to St. Joseph at Phil Welch Stadium. I have often heard from many on how this stadium is great for the MINK League and the St. Joseph Mustangs. The fans definitely come out for the games there, with over 2,000 average attendance per game.

I thought it would be fun to travel not only because it was the MINK League Championship, but to highlight this stadium. Many of you know that I love old stadiums and this stadium fits that bill.

I found out the stadium is over 70-years old and is named for Phil Welch, the Mayor of St. Joseph, from 1936-1946, and later became a congressman that was influential in bringing federal and state dollars to build and maintain the stadium.

The stadium has seen the likes of Dizzy Dean, Stachel Paige, Yogi Berra, Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, and Earl Weaver play on the field and today's MINK League rising stars for the St. Joseph Mustangs and visiting teams.

Phil Welch Stadium Stands

I'm not sure what the capacity is, as it look like a stadium that could easily sit over 5,000, but what makes it extend out is the right field Miller Lite Party deck and the the picnic tables that in the right field corner.

Phil Welch Party Deck




I love the fact they have all the concessions with your normal baseball foods and fares. Although, I have to admit, unlike Liberty Park, they do allow the sale of alcohol during the games.  I asked some fans about there favorite food and they seemed very traditional towards the hot dogs and there was no doubt the $1 beer specials was some of the first things off the fans lips.

One of my favorite perks, similar to Liberty Park Stadium, is that parking is free and tickets were either $10 for box seats, which got you a seat in the front rows in seats similar to what you'd have at Major League Ballparks. General Admission tickets were $6.50. Overall, very well worth the price of admission with the games they do in between innings.

I think one of the things I loved, along with my son, was the horse that brought the American flag out, during the National Anthem and between innings. It reminded me of the horse at Kansas City Chiefs games. They would perfectly time it to have the horse at mid-field on the warning track by the end of the National Anthem.

Overall, I loved the feel of the stadium and would welcome the chance to go up there again. I would challenge fans from all the MINK League to make the trip up to St. Joseph with the team you support. You can even make it a weekend trip.  While you're up there there is so much to do in St. Joseph. I highly recommend the Patee House Museum, Jesse James Home and just checking out the sites of the Missouri River.