The playoffs are here and this year, I managed to find a gift for my son that reminded me of my youth. Electronic Football and the Tomy Pocket baseball games were my favorites to play as a kid. These games were from before the advent of PSP and even Gameboys.

My son, Gabriel, decided it would be fun to duplicate the playoffs and play the electronic football to make predictions. So here it goes.

Pittsburgh Steelers will defeat the Baltimore Ravens 17-7. The Indianapolis Colts will win 21-7 over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Detroit Lions will win over the Dallas Cowboys 14-10 and the Arizona Cardinals will win over the Carolina Panthers in overtime, 17-10.

The New England Patriots will get upset by the Indianapolis Colts 21-14 in triple overtime. ( I somehow don't see a game going intro triple overtime, but wait for the next one). The Pittsburgh Steelers will lose to the Denver Broncos in five overtimes 49-42.

The Seattle Seahawks will beat the Detroit Lions 42-24 and the Green Bay Packers will win over the Cardinals 28-17.

In the AFC Championship, the Denver Broncos will narrowly defeat the Indianapolis Colts 14-7.

The NFC Championship will have the Green Bay Packers winning 56-7 over the Seahawks.

Finally, the Green Bay Packers will end up winning it all in a shutout against the Broncos 7-0 in the Super Bowl.

Ok, so some of these seem very far fetched scores and results, but the Packers do have 11-2 odds of winning, according to

Comment below on your predictions.