This past summer Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun announced the addition of Riptide Racer for Oceans of Fun's 2020 season. On November 4, the park announced that Riptide Racer will be the longest mat racing slide in the world.

Oceans of Fun originally planned for Riptide Racer to have four separate slides that total 476.9-feet each. Well, knowing that they were about ten feet away from having the longest mat racing slide in the world, the park went for it. Riptide Racer will now be 486 feet long.

Riptide Racer is five stories high, has four side by side slides, and riders will need to be 42' tall to ride.

Oceans of fun says Riptide Racer is a "family-friendly ride designed to follow the natural terrain of the park’s landscape, and is the first thrill attraction added to the water park since 2013 when Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun were conjoined. It will replace Diamond Head, one of the park’s original water slides that opened in 1982."

It should be fun to challenge your family members to see who'll be the first to make it down the slide next season!

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