Every now and then, you'll encounter someone from out of town, or someone who just isn't familiar with some of our customs in Mid Missouri.

I'm not pointing fingers, but....some people do come to me every now and then ask how to properly say a town or street name. And little did I know, there's a few out there I might have gotten wrong, too! Let's get some of these set straight for good.

1.  Dal-Wi-Mo Court.

It's pronounced "Why Moe".  Think of the sound in the word Pal for your Dal.

2.  Monsess Avenue.

Husbando has problems with this.  It's not "Moan-Sees".  Think of the "sess" sound in "assess".  "Mon-sess".

3. Griessen Road.

Think "Grease-son" road.

4. Saline Street. 

Get the salt substance out of your head. This has nothing to do with going to the hospital.  It's not "Say-Leen", it's "Suh-Lean".

And, a couple more little things, out of towners:  It's pronounced "Suh-dale-yuh" not "Suh-daily-uh".   And anything like that looks like it's French - forget it. Do not pronounce our neighboring towns like Marie Antoinette lives there. She doesn't. You might meet a French person here, but you're more likely to meet a Creole, and they're not going to say it that way, either.

And really, any town that has a name that is also somewhere else in the world... it probably isn't pronounced like that.  Lebanon, New Madrid, Versailles, Montserrat, La Monte, Knob Noster, Glasgow.... you'd probably better just ask somebody.  And don't think it's a bad thing, you gotta learn somehow, right?  And it's not like we're pronouncing it the way it SHOULD be done.  It's just a Sedalia thing, you know? It comes with the territory, we have to put our spin on things.  It's okay.  Join us.  Joooiiiiinnn Ussssss.  That wasn't creepy at all, right.  Right.

It's not like people don't correct me when I go places either.  It'll just make you sound more local if you say it the way we do.  Trust me. I'm totally trustworthy.

What do you think - what are some town and street names you've heard butchered by out of towners?

Pronouncingly yours,

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