Kids, the other day we were lucky enough to be able to have some veteran volunteers from the Show Me Honor Flight by the RV at the Missouri State Fair.

Believe it or not, we don't just goof off and play games all day, eating candy. We do that AND we help the veterans.


Although I gotta say, Charlie was a handful of malarkey (just kidding).

They were able to tell people all about the Honor Flight who didn't know, and also take some donations from a grateful public. It was so nice to see the little kids interact with these guys, and learn a little something about the past. It was also really great to hear from people who had uncles, cousins, fathers, grandfathers and more who had served but didn't know they were eligible for the Honor Flight. It was also great to hear the stories from different people about family who had been on the trip.

Overall it was just a great day, and I'm glad we got to help.

RV-ingly yours,