We're looking forward to the "three S's of summer: Shania Twain, Sam Hunt and Sexy Brett Eldredge. All three have new music on tap.

Eldredge's self-titled album is just one of five new projects we can't wait for in 2017. The new album drops on Aug. 4, featuring his single "Something I'm Good At" and more of his magical mix of smooth country crooner and mischievous romeo.

Twain's new album comes as summer expires. We're lucky enough to know all about Now, her first album in 15 years. The project features "Life's About to Get Good" and more deep and dark songs that explore the painful journey she's been on over the last decade.

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Ballerini has not announced the release date for her next album, the follow-up to The First Time. She has dropped the single, however, and "Legends" is a great way to look back on lost love.

That leaves the Cadillac Three and Hunt. We've been listening to the more introspective Legacy for a month and think fans will love seeing this side of TC3. As for Hunt? It's not clear when he'll drop a new album. Songs are coming one at a time, and the singer has indicated he'll keep it that way for the time being. Wife Hannah seems to be inspiring much of his music these days. That's worked out OK for the 2018 Taste of Country Festival headliner.

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