The Tough Mudder Challenge drew nearly 5,000 people to Sedalia over the weekend.

This is the 2nd time the Tough Mudder Challenge has taken place at the Missouri State Fairgrounds, with the first in 2016.

Thousands of people from all over the country converged upon the fairgrounds to take part in the event. Attendees of the Tough Mudder specify it is not a race, but a challenge. Staff members and volunteers encourage all mudders to take as long as they need to finish the course, and above all, to have a fun experience!

Completing the challenge is a point of pride for several 'mudders,' as participants prefer to be called. Mudders praise the event for being inspirational and motivational.

Tough Mudder Operations Director, Robyn Pigozzi said, "being a part of the Sedalia challenge has been a pleasant experience both years." She hopes to see the Tough Mudder Challenge return to the area in the future.

Pigozzi said 5,000 mudders were taking part in the event over the weekend. She noted the number could be as high as 6,000, after late registrations are accounted for.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

The Tough Mudder volunteer staff consisted of about 250 members. Pigozzi added, "most of the volunteers are from Missouri, but there are volunteers from Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa as well."

Some of the volunteers even take part in the Tough Mudder course, which is about 10-12 miles and consists of almost 20 obstacles.

Pigozzi said it takes most mudders approximately 3-4 hours to complete the course.

Upon completion, mudders can rinse off and enjoy a cold beer. First time mudders who complete the course receive a prized head band, and can earn entry into the 'Tough Mudder Legion.'

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