As we wind down the last few days of Summer, we think of cooler temperatures. Along with that comes the first frost. For many that are suffering from allergies, it's definitely something worth waiting for!

I was looking at the extended forecast into October. At this point all they can do is guesstimate when we'll see the first temperatures at the freezing mark. When they do arrive though, many will breathe a sigh of relief.

Of course, along with the temps hitting that 32 degree mark, comes the probability of frost on your windshield.

Here's something that might help you this winter. A former engineer for NASA recently did a bunch of tests, and figured out how to defrost the windows in your car twice as fast.According to an article on Gizmodo, here are the four things you need to do:  

1. Turn up your heater all the way. Hot air can hold more moisture than cold air, and that's why blasting your windshield with hot air works better.

2. Turn your AC on. Air conditioners pull moisture out of the air, which is key.

3. Make sure your air circulation setting is off.  If you have an older vehicle, you most likely won't have it, but if it's a new one, it's usually a button with a picture of a car, and there's a circular arrow in the middle of it. When it's on it only recirculates air that's already in your car.

4. Crack your windows for a few seconds.  This will help to get the humid air out and the dry air in. 

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