You can call this teenager an accidental musical prodigy.

Lachlan Connor plays about a dozen instruments. His skill only came to the surface after he suffered a pair of concussions playing sports. When doctors told him he could no longer play any contact sports, he decided to fill the void with music.

And that’s when this Denver boy learned he could play between 10 and 13 instruments, despite the fact he can’t read music and does it all by ear.

Before his concussions, his mother said “he really had no talent” when it came to music.

After? It’s a different story.

Connor’s doctor said, "The thought is just theory that this was a talent laying latent in his brain and somehow was uncovered by his brain rewiring after the injury.”

Connor has no regrets that his athletic career ended and that a calling in music beckoned. He said, “I honestly think something got rewired, something just changed, and thank God it did.”


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