What does this say about residents of the Show-Me State? We like to keep clean? We make a lot of messes? We don't have time to wash reusable washcloths? Business Insider teamed up with Walmart to analyze sales data and put together a list of items that are most popular with Walmart customers on a state-by-state basis. Disposable washcloths are apparently in high demand in Missouri.

At least we didn't end up with anything embarrassing, or just plain weird. Some states ended up with just plain weird items. Like Illinois, where shoppers are buying...puzzle storage? I'm not even sure what puzzle storage is. In Tennessee, Walmart sells a lot of orange traffic cones.

Next door in Kansas, the most popular item was shampoo/conditioner.

Items like mulch, microwave ovens, Mainstays pillows, and vacuums are reportedly popular across the board.

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