There are dozens of haunted spots in the Show-Me State. Some may be urban legends while some are genuine. Did you know some of these are close to us?

  • Ravenswood, Bunceton

A showplace of central Missouri, it was built in 1880 for a wealthy couple, Nadine and Charles Leonard. It was a grand mansion, set on over a thousand acres with carriage barns and other luxuries of that period. Nadine lived a long life, well into her 90's. She passed away in an upstairs bedroom, and she was later moved to an area funeral home for services.

  • Hermit of Knob Noster

Just a stone's throw from Whiteman Air Force Base, is the city of Knob Noster. Back in the day a hermit lived in the town up on a hill.Of course, since he was a hermit, he kept to himself and lived alone. As the story goes he had a slave that the locals liked, but one day the citizens noticed they hadn't seen the man for a while. When the hermit came into town one day he was approached and asked about the slave. His response was an icy stare. After that, murder was the talk of the town.

To find out the rest of the story, as the late Paul Harvey would say, about this spooky tale and other haunted yarns from across the area and the state of Missouri, go to

Cemetery with old gravestones and moon
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