Mother's Day is almost here, so we're sharing our absolute favorite Mommy Madness stories.  The mom who sent us this story is the winner of a $50.00 gift certificate from Susan at Fringe Hair Salon.

Toddlers are notorious for having a mind of their own and doing what they want. This mommy was is for one crazy night when she woke up to a car horn and a missing 3-year-old.

When my first daughter was about three years old, I was woke up at about 2 a.m. to a car horn honking outside. I looked over and didn't see her in her bed. When I got up I saw that the bathroom light was on. She was not in there, but she had been.

The horn honked again. I put on my glasses and ran outside. Both front doors were shut. To my surprise, I could see that my once locked car had its headlights and wipers on. I could also hear music. I got to the car and there she was, butt naked, jamming to the music and pretend driving!

When we got back into the house, I was able to see her path of destruction. She had gotten up to go to the bathroom. When she was finished going potty, she then decided to give herself a makeover with my makeup. I guess she thought she smelled so she used the deodorant also. Then she thought painting with the deodorant was more fun. The TV in the living room was now white with little finger prints and drawings.

My daughter was not a talker mind you. She was very self-sufficient because of that. No need to ask anyone how to turn the car on, she just did it herself and was very observant of everything you did.

It was one of the scariest, silliest and craziest moments of my life as her mother. She is now 13 and I know I still have MANY more moments to come.


Talk about waking up to a nightmare. This mommy sure had her hands full with this independent toddler.  Come back soon and look for new Mommy Madness stories before Mother's Day on Sunday.