If any of you shop at Walmart, you will know that most of their locations get a little bit busier as the Christmas holiday approaches.  You may decide to go through a line that has a cashier, or use the self checkout.  Either way, you may want to double check your receipts, and if you use a credit card or debit card, double check your statement.  You may be charged twice.

A Lee's Summit woman named Pam Tovar apparently had this happen to her when she was making some purchases at the Walmart location in Lee's Summit. She had purchased almost $600 in Christmas presents and accessories.  When you make a decent sized purchase, do you usually double check your statement? When I make it with my debit card, I certainly do.  I want that money out of my account as soon as possible, so I know what I have left, and I don't want to have any concerns about being overdrawn.

When Tovar checked her account, (good thing she did) she found she’d been charged not once, but twice, totaling more than $1,100. Walmart directed her to her bank. The bank apparently told her this was not the first time this complaint was heard. She posted what happened on the neighborhood app Nextdoor, thinking it might just be an issue at the Lee’s Summit store.  You can read a bit more HERE.

This is apparently happened throughout the country, not just at this location.  Walmart issued this statement:

“On Dec. 5, the payment processor Walmart utilizes for credit and debit transactions experienced a technical issue that charged certain customers twice. The issue was resolved, and all impacted transactions have been identified and submitted for correction.”

So if you plan on making any specific purchases and they happen to be a bit more than usual, double check your statements, or maybe pay in cash.  With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, you will not want extra money tied up that you may need at the end of the month.

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