The saddest statistics are the ones that are so easily preventable. This is one of those. Missouri has once again been ranked as one of the most dangerous states in America for anyone and everyone that enjoys riding a motorcycle.

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The most recent statistics for motorcycle fatalities was compiled by Quote Wizard. If you look at their chart, you'll see that Missouri is ranked as the 6th most dangerous state per capita when it comes to motorcyclists.

Here are some numbers to show why the Show Me State can be a perilous one for bikers. Just a couple years ago, there were 123 fatalities involving motorcycles in Missouri. That averages out to 9 fatalities for every 10,000 motorcyclists in Missouri. Tragic. Technically, that's tied for 5th with Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

It's because of cases like this that the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety started their Watch for Motorcycles program. They shared a daunting map showing all of the motorcycle fatalities over the past few years.

Infographic, Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety
Infographic, Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety

They emphasize 3 main points in their motorcycle awareness program:

  • Motorcycles are vehicles with the same rights and privileges as any vehicle on the roadway.
  • Allow the motorcyclist a full lane width. Do not share the lane.
  • Missouri law requires all motorcycle riders under age 26 or anyone operating under an instruction permit to wear a DOT-compliant helmet.

Accidents happen and sometimes tragically, but this is a case where some extra attention to two-wheeled motorists could greatly reduce the number of fatalities that is sadly rising in Missouri.

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