Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is warning Missourians about a recent increase in robocalls purporting to be a Medicare representative.

According to Schmitt's office, the robocall states that the person receiving the call is eligible for the top of the line medical braces, and that to receive those braces they should press “1” or press “9” to be put on the No-Call list.

The Attorney General’s Office urges anyone who receives these calls to hang up immediately, and not press any numbers. Missourians have pressed numbers in the past and had braces they didn’t need, want, or order show up on their doorstep

“No matter how convincing the call is, or how good the perceived deal is, it’s most likely a scam that wants to steal your money or information,” said Attorney General Schmitt. “Unfortunately, thousands and thousands of Missourians fall victim to these robocall scams each year. To ensure you aren’t the next victim, hang up the phone when you receive these calls and report them to our office - we will take action whenever possible.”

Medical brace and device robocall scams are reportedly emerging as a national issue, and the calls in Missouri have seen a recent increase.

Attorney General Schmitt recently filed suit against a Florida based company for placing hundreds of thousands of robocalls to Missourians on the No-Call List trying to sell braces and devices.

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