If it’s possible to become addicted to adopting animals, Miranda Lambert definitely has an addiction — and she might need rehab for the kind-hearted. According to the sassy songstress’ Twitter feed, she has welcomed yet another stray pup into the Shelton household.

Apparently, the furry black and white pup she rescued from the streets just a month ago wasn’t enough to fill the ‘Over You’ singer’s heart. On Tuesday, the singer shared the photo of this adorable black dog that she found, which she appropriately named after one of country music’s most legendary females.

“New puppy I found last week. Loretta! She will go to a new good home soon I hope. : ) or maybe she is already. Hehe,” Lambert tweeted. Although dozens of her 953,280 Twitter followers replied that they would take the sweet girl off of the country star’s hands, Lambert hasn’t mentioned finding a home (other than her own) for the latest canine addition.

Of course, people are starting to wonder how Lambert ends up with all of these strays. She answered the question that’s been burning up all of our minds when she conversed with Pistol Annies bandmate Ashley Monroe. Apparently, it’s because she’s magnetic — pups just come to her.

“@ashleymonroe said I have “dogdar”. They find me,” Lambert told Monroe. “And I hope I never see the people that dump them. For [their] sake. It won’t be pretty,” she added.

Let that be a lesson to any of you who have been tempted to abandon an animal: If you’re near Miranda Lambert, she’ll probably make the castoff her newest furry friend. And if she finds you, you better watch out!