For some us the memories are still vivid. Making some extra spending money so we could buy what we wanted. We earned it and we spent it on the stuff that was so important to us as kids.

Of course in my day what was important was comic books, baseball/football cards, (Of course it had to be the cards that had a hunk of bubble gum included in the package!) and candy.

In my day all of the aforementioned "Necessary Items" were a heck of a lot cheaper than what they are today, but then, we didn't make as much on our odd jobs. A comic book, package of cards and candy bar could be bought for a quarter.

We took to the KIX 105.7 Facebook page to ask the question-"What odd jobs did you have as a kid that made you money?" We received some great answers to the question-

Kenneth T. - Pulling weeds...hauling hay..

Mona R.K. - Dishwasher and waitress

Anna B. - Mowing the cemetery and babysitting

I saw a lot of the answers coming out as babysitting and mowing. This is different one that came up that gave me a good laugh-

Larry Mark S. - A neighborhood lady told me she would give me a dollar for every paper grocery bag I filled with dandelions that she wanted me to dig up out of her yard. Got about half full after several hours and I said to myself SCREW THIS. lol

Rhonda D. - Ironing (yep) , chores for neighbors.

A couple of the responses were hauling hay, an answer I can remember as a kid. But this job is one that I absolutely did not care for-

Ulrike M. - Detasseling corn.

For more of the answers to the question, click this link.

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