If you try to tell your kids or grandkids about the old days a lot of times they just look at you funny, roll their eyes, and direct their attention back to whatever electronic device they were on. Most kids think it was the stone age and we rode dinosaurs everywhere.

So snow days back in my day of being in school were even more special because we didn't have the emails and text messages to alert us of the school's closure. We couldn't sleep in because we had to be up and listening to the radio, our only source of official school closings. In fact, we would more times than not be up earlier than we would be on a regular school day just so we could get that first report on the radio.

You would either sit around the radio in your parents console stereo or if you had a handheld AM radio, you'd be holding it tightly, anticipating that morning DJ's first utterance of school closings.

I'm not sure when they started releasing the information to television stations to report in the mornings but in my day that information wasn't available. Your one and only source was your local AM or FM station.

Of course you had two options once you got the report that it would be a snow day. You either crawled back into bed and pulled the covers up over your head, or you gulped down a bowl of oatmeal, threw on your coat, hat, and mittens and off you'd go into the snow for a day of fun and adventure.

If you have any kids reading this, they're probably rolling their eyes. That's okay. I'm just going to ride off into the sunset on my triceratops.

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