I didn't pay a lot of attention when McDonald's announced some small recipe tweaks to their hamburgers. I really didn't think about it. In fact, I wasn't thinking about it when I bit into my first bite of my McDouble with no pickle. For better or worse, the small changes McDonald's has made to their hamburgers do make them, in my opinion, taste different.

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Here's what Restaurant Business had to say when reporting on McDonald's tweaking how they prepare their hamburgers.

"Known internally as 'Best Burger,' the changes involve the tenth-pound burgers used in its classic Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, McDouble, Double Cheeseburger and Big Mac. The changes will include softer buns that are toasted, melted cheese and onions that are added to the patties while they are on the grill to give them a caramelized flavor."

I was eating on the go, so I stopped at the Warrensburg McDonald's and picked up a McDouble, a six-piece order of McNuggets, and a Diet Coke. I wasn't expecting to get the new burger recipe, and I noticed it first with my eyes, as a spied one of the diced onions stuck on the wrapper had definitely been placed on the grill. I also noticed the cheese seemed more melty.

I didn't think much of either of those two things, I just thought great, I got a really fresh burger.

One taste though, and it's immediately clear you're not eating the McDonald's cheeseburger you're used to eating. I for one, generally, like McDonald's hamburgers and cheeseburgers. They've always had a distinct flavor, one which I enjoyed and expected when I wanted a McDonald's hamburger.

The sear of the burger and the carmelized onions change the flavor of the cheeseburger. That was quite apparent with the first bite. The burger to me, tasted a little more salty, the caramelized onion flavor comes through loud and clear, and the sear at times gave it a little bit of a chewy flavor, kind of like the part of a meatloaf that's a little overcooked. Overall I enjoyed the taste of the burger. The bun was fresh and soft and the cheese was gooey and melty too.

Is it a home run for McDonald's? Is it really, as they're referring to it internally, their "best burger"?

It's definitely different and it tastes good. If you're someone that's avoided McDonald's because you found their burgers lacking flavor or taste, you definitely should try these. If you're someone who enjoyed McDonald's burgers because they are simple, and somewhat vanilla, you might not like the changes. The real question is, does the new recipe sell more burgers for the chain, I'm sure that's how they'll measure the success of the new burger.

As for me, I didn't think there was anything wrong with McDonald's burger recipe to start with. So, I will miss the McDonald's burgers that I grew up eating. Yet, this new recipe is really good. It'll just take some time to get used to the new deliciousness.

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