I'm not much of drinker these days. I got drunk on whiskey with some Texas Game Wardens. I shared some Old Style with some high school buddies at a tavern this fall on a trip back home. But most of the time I prefer a Coke Zero Sugar with my pizza to an ice cold beer. And no, I'm not going home after my show and mixing a cocktail. I like the idea of that, but that's not the Creighton's. Turns out I might want to revisit that cocktail idea as there might be some health benefits to drinking gin in moderation.

Insider.com recently published an article talking about the health benefits of drinking gin in moderation. Gin's major ingredient is juniper berries. And juniper berries just do a body good. The Juniper berries in gin can help with the following:

  • Help your body fight infection.
  • Regenerate cells which can help you  have smoother skin.
  • Makes gin a low calorie spirit, about 97 calories. (Sadly tonic adds calories.)
  • Aids in digestion, circulation and can prevent heart disease.
  • Stops water retention in the body, which is good when drinking because it helps flush out the toxins and bacteria we consume when drinking.
  • It can fight off coughs.
  • It can relieve achy joints, gout and can take the edge off chronic pain and inflammation like arthritis. (Let's face it, the alcohol plays a role in this too, not just the berries.)


Like I said, it might be worth revisiting my after work cocktail idea. Let's have a toast, to our health.




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