Maren Morris dropped her own personal version of a hard-working anthem with "Circles Around This Town." The song is her new radio single and the first example of the new music she's working on.

There's no need to check the liner notes to verify that Morris co-wrote the song. The first verse looks back with pride and wonder on her uneasy journey from established Texas singer and songwriter to Nashville newcomer. A million Music City dreamers (including, no doubt, co-writers Ryan Hurd and Jimmy Robbins, and probably even Julia Michaels, even though her roots aren't in country) will recognize her description of hardened optimism nearly breaking before a chip or two fell her way.

Much like she did with her debut single, Morris takes us back to the front seat of her car for creative inspiration. It's as relatable now as it was five years ago.

The song's story has has been told in bits and pieces during past interviews with Morris, but it's satisfying to hear it told top to tail with such emphasis. The question "Circles Around This Town" truly answers is what her next chapter will sound like. The best tracks from the CMA Award-winning Album of the Year Girl paired accessible stories and emotions with arrangements inspired by a multitude of genres. Sonically, this song is more like hits from Hero.

Did You Know?: The "Montero" mentioned in the first verse is Morris' red Mitsubishi Montero sport. In 2016, she shared that this car inspired her first hit song, "My Church."

Maren Morris' "Circles Around This Town" Lyrics: 

I swear I don’t know how I trusted / A Montero with the A/C busted / A couple bad demos on a burned CD / Would take me all the way to Tennessee / I showed up to the new apartment / First month’s, last month’s two deposits / Hadn’t heard the sound of a door slam yet / Thank God I was an optimist.

I drove circles around this town / Trying to write circles around this town / Trying to say something with meaning / Something worth singing about / I’ve been kind and I’ve been ruthless / Yeah, I got here but the truth is / Thought when I hit it / It’d all look different but I still got the pedal down / Driving circles around this town.

So many times I thought about leaving / Got my ass kicked trying to compete with / Everybody else’s ones that got away / Hung around long enough to catch a break / Couple hundred songs and the ones that finally worked / Was the one about a car and the one about a church / That I wrote …

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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