Last night, we heard official word that 20th Century Fox was moving forward with director Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel and today, we already have one actor expressing his desire to be in it! However, that actor may not be who you expect and his reason for wanting to be in the film is a little unusual. We are talking about the one and only Louis C.K., the comedian and star of FX’s Louie, who wants to star in the new movie just so he can die a horrible onscreen death.

This amusing story comes to us secondhand from the always-amazing Sigourney Weaver, who stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about Chappie with Jimmy Fallon. When the subject of a potential Alien sequel came up, Weaver confirmed that Blomkamp had been working on the project and had discussed it with her. Weaver continued, saying that she had chatted about with Louis C.K., who instantly warmed to the idea and demanded that he make an appearance in the film so he could die “in a terrible way.” Yep, that certainly sounds like Louis C.K.

A few stray observations about this:

1. Of course Louis C.K. would want to show up (and die!) in an Alien movie! As his work in Louie has proven, he is a cinephile and a man of great taste. He knows what a huge honor it would be to be killed in an Alien movie..

2. And surely Blomkamp can find room to squeeze C.K. into the mix. Just cast him as a hapless scientist who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s nothing wrong with casting one of the funniest men alive in a tiny cameo in your science fiction horror movie.

You can watch Weaver tell the tale in the clip above.

Chappie opens in theaters on March 6.

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