We have a Panera Bread location in Sedalia on Broadway.  I have often enjoyed the food from Panera.  I find, on a whole, the food to be decent quality, enough options if you are trying to eat a little healthier, and their soups are often quite hearty and tasty.  It is also a nice place to relax and dine for coffee or meetings.


Many people know that they are based in St Louis. The Sunset Hills-based bakery-cafe operator known locally as Saint Louis Bread Co., is adding chicken sandwiches to its menu nationwide next week.  This will begin March 30th.

Panera Bread — Rodrigo Rivera

Apparently they have been working on these sandwiches for 2 years.  There will be a normal and spicy version. Or as Panera describes it - a "Signature" take and a "Spicy" take. Sounds like another taste test video will be coming your way from me and the crew.  I want to know how spicy they are going to be.

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The "Signature" take has a garlic aioli and topped with greens and parmesan crisps. The "Spicy" take adds spicy pickle chips and a spicy buffalo sauce. Both versions are made with clean ingredients and are on brioche rolls. The chicken for both sandwiches is marinated and seasoned, then seared and finished sous vide – vacuum sealed in plastic then slowly cooked in water at low temperature.

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You can read a little more about this by clicking HERE. I know we have KFC in town, if you want a fried chicken sandwich, but no grilled chicken option.  Panera will be competing against them and McDonalds here in Sedalia for chicken sandwich supremacy.  We don't have a Popeye's or a Chick-Fil-A but we have a fair amount of places where you can grilled chicken sandwiches.  I am eager to see and try these and see how they are.  Will you try one?

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