What's the one outdoor activity do you think of when the first snowflakes fall? (Besides building a snowman!) Snow Skiing! But where would you go in Missouri?

This cold weather is definitely a boon to the two ski resorts in Missouri...that's right Missouri! The lower temperatures help them produce manmade snow to blanket steep slopes and runs on Missouri hills.

The two locations of the resorts are on the opposite sides of the state. Hidden Valley Ski Area in Wildwood, near St. Louis, and Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston, north of Kansas City.

Hidden Valley, a St. Louis destination since 1982, is located in Wildwood, 29 miles west of downtown St. Louis. Hidden Valley skiers and snowboarders enjoy a 320 foot vertical drop on 17 trails. 30% beginner, 60% intermediate, 10% advanced, 2 terrain parks, 5 chairlifts and a rope tow.

Snow Creek is located just 40 miles North of Kansas City. Snow Creek opened in 1986 in the small town of Weston. This winter season marks their 32nd season in operation. Snow Creek has over 60 snowmaking machines with the capacity to pump 3,000 gallons of water per minute, covering 100% of our terrain in as little as 72 hours.

So if your goal for 2018 is to go snow skiing, you can stay in the Show-Me state and get it done!



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