Christmas is getting closer, the weather feels like spring and the end of the world is just around the corner (just kidding).  The alternative methods for deer hunting start this Saturday (Dec 15).  Bow season is still going on and plans for 3D archery are in the works for January.  In facts, dates will be posted next week regarding a big announcement about the 3D season.

Now for the good stuff: Community Santa.  Dale Malone from Dukes & Boots hit his mark of collecting 251 bicycles.  However, we're hurting for cash for dinners, games and toys for over 1000 children who didn't ask for a bike.  If possible, please do what we do in our wonderful community.  Any donation helps, there is no donation that is too small.  Even gently used games and toys are accepted.  Let's make Christmas great for those kids!

We've started selling tickets for our Whitetails Unlimited banquet on Jan. 12.  There will be a KIX 105 table and a 92.3 BOB FM table.  You can win tickets to the banquet by listening to our stations or by clicking the button below.

On a sad note, everyone in and around the archery shops knows Pops from the Treestand.  His wife passed away this, so please take time to pray for him as he goes through this hard time.  He has touched all of us with the love for the sport, so drop off a card at the Treestand if you can.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Pops and his family.