Lauren Alaina's new single "Ladies in the '90s" speaks to the heart of issues facing women in country music today. During this pop-disco banger, the Georgia-raised singer closes her eyes and imagines a time when women dominated the radio.

Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Deanna Carter, Reba McEntire, Madonna and the Spice Girls are a few she song-checks. She also mentions songs by the Dixie Chicks and TLC — honestly, if you were tasked with making a playlist to satisfy 20-something women raised in America, you could do worse than starting with these hitmakers.

If the women in country music conversation wasn't (with good reason) so omnipresent,, then "Ladies in the '90s" could simply be appreciated as a good-time nostalgic charmer that recalls some bad fashion and a few pop songs we've come to love. Alaina takes advantage of this introduction in the way young singers do in 2018 — with a poke and a smile and a very progressive mix — and stirs in a little soapboxing. Count the 23-year-old as one of the artists preaching togetherness and solution, rather than casting blame or throwing punches at gate-keepers. In dropping "Ladies in the '90s" she's boldly stating, "I'm here, my song is radio-friendly and we're all watching you. What's your move?"

Did You Know?: Is Alaina right? Did ladies of the '90s really dominate? A Country Aircheck study published in 2015 shows that the percentage of female voiced singles in the annual Top 100 songs of the year did spike in 1998 and 1999 (38 and 34 percent, respectively) but the decade also brought extreme lows, like just 13 percent in 1994. Six of the 10 years were below the rolling average of 25 percent.

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Lauren Alaina's "Ladies in the '90s" Lyrics:

Na nana na na, na nana na na na / Na nana na na, na nana na na na.

I was born in ‘94, Daddy drove a beat-up Ford / And Momma made it run on love and music / The back seat’s where I started singing / All the songs that got me dreaming / I’d scream Turn it up and then I’d lose it / I was raised on radio waves where the ladies dominated / Sometimes I close my eyes and just replay it.

I just wanna feel like ladies in the ‘90s / Turn the dial and find me some Strawberry Wine / So, I can sing all night long, acting like I’m Britney / Come on baby, hit me just one more time / Hey Man, I feel like a woman / I can feel you breathe when you say my name / Hey I don’t want no scrubs, need a cowboy to take me away / I wanna feel like ladies in the ‘90s, ladies in the ‘90s. / Hey, hey, hey.

Diva in the living room / Momma’s heels on after school / Learning all my moves on MTV / They weren’t afraid to make a statement / That’s what I call entertainment / All those women paved the way for me.

Southern twang, teased up bangs / I was matching all their lipstick / Close my eyes all the time / I wish I could relive it.

Wearing leopard leotards / Singing about broken hearts / Moving on in leather pants so shiny / Females were unstoppable / Can’t say that’s impossible / My heart will always be stuck in the ‘90s.

Here’s your one chance, Fancy / Genie in a Bottle then Vogue / I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want / You oughta know / I wanna feel like ladies in ‘90s, ladies in the ‘90s / Hey, hey, hey.

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