Powerhouse country vocalist Kree Harrison has been a standout on this season of 'American Idol,' turning in one convincing performance after another and winning over the judges and viewers alike. She has consistently placed in the top two after all the votes are tallied -- and as it turns out, that may be thanks to the overwhelming support she's receiving from her friends and family in Texas.

Harrison was born in Woodville, Texas, and she received the key to the city on national television when the mayor appeared on 'Idol' for a special presentation. But her parents hailed from Bridge City, where the singer attended eighth grade and part of her family still lives.

The singer, who now calls Nashville home, lost both of her parents in accidents before she was out of her teens, but her aunt, Penny Harrison, has been drumming up support for her now-famous niece in Bridge City, hosting a weekly viewing party for family and friends at which she brings out Kree's guitar.

According to the Orange County Record, she even sent Kree a picture of the guitar, which she has decorated with a hat and sunglasses to resemble the singer.

Penny Harrison drives 1,600 miles a month from Bridge City to various stops in Louisiana for her job. To raise even more support for Kree, she has painted the windows of her car with white shoe polish encouraging everyone to vote for her. She has also reached out to local businesses, asking them to show their support on their marquees and windows.

Other family members have put out fliers to local supporters, thanking them for their assistance so far and reminding them that Harrison needs their votes more than ever. Harrison's grandmother, Beverly Mire, told the Register that could make all the difference. “People hear she is in the top two, but to keep her there, we need to vote,” Mire said.

Harrison will return to the 'Idol' stage to compete against the other top four finalists on Wednesday night (April 24).

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