Sedalia's Kmart closed for good early in 2018. 

We've been pretty lucky in Sedalia in that a lot of times empty retail spaces get filled. Goody's left, but T.J. Maxx went in. Harbor Freight opened in an existing space. Woods replaced Bing's in the State Fair Shopping Center.

What would you like to see happen to the empty space that Kmart once occupied?The Kmart building is pretty big, so it could accommodate several different types of businesses. It also has garage space from the old automotive department.

I hate that Kmart closed. Not only because it's always terrible when a local business closes up shop and employees lose their jobs, but also because I've been a Kmart shopper for as long as I can remember. When I was really little, it was my favorite place to go. A lot of my toys came from Kmart! I remember always wanting (but not always getting) an ICEE during every shopping trip.

I just hope that the company can survive, and not all Kmart stores will close. There was a report back in May that there was doubt that Sears Holdings, which operates Sears and Kmart, could stay in business. The Kmart and Sears stores both closed in Jefferson City within the last year.

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