Country  know Kimberly Schlapman as part of Little Big Town, but the singer has another not-so-hidden talent, which has resulted in the creation of a line of kitchen goods.

“Cooking is just my passion,” she tells People. On April 19, Schlapman will be launching a kitchen line, called Love & Daisies, on the Home Shopping Network.

“My first set of dishes my daddy bought for me when I was a little girl. And I still have them today,” she says. “I meet no stranger when it comes to a pretty dish. So when I found out we could do this beautiful line of kitchen and home things with HSN, I was like, ‘I’m in.’”

The collection includes essentials like pans and knife sets and borrows the name from Schlapman's oldest daughter, Daisy, while the designs are inspired by the singer's childhood, flea market finds and her love of cooking, People reports.

“[Daisy]’s been cooking since she could hardly stand up. She started on a stool by the counter just like I did,” Schlapman says of her oldest daughter. “She used to put way too much baking soda in everything and it was wretched. But my husband would always eat it. Sometimes I would have to fake it. She still makes up her own recipes but now they’re really tasty.”

This is far from Schlapman's first foray into home goods. In 2015, the singer launched a line of kitchen products exclusive to Cracker Barrel, titled Oh Gussie! She also previously released a cookbook Oh Gussie!: Cooking and Visiting in Kimberly's Southern Kitchen and hosts her own cooking show, Kimberly's Simply Southern.

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