Fan favorite singer Justin Moore recently found himself in the middle of a controversy over illegal big game hunting. Now, the 'Bait a Hook' singer is talking about those allegations publicly with humor, joking about how he'd do in prison.

The controversy arose in January, when three former leaders of the Blackfoot tribe in Montana were indicted on a variety of charges stemming from several incidents in which they allegedly held illegal hunts for big animals for a film crew and country performers, including Moore and his friend Josh Thompson. Prosecutors say the tribal leaders organized the unlicensed hunts and illegally sold the tribe’s wildlife in exchange for exposure on a television hunting show called ‘The Sovereign Sportsman.'

"I can’t say a whole lot about it," Moore tells Connecticut radio station 92.5. "Just because, you know, the way things are. But, no, I’m not in any trouble. I was involved in some capacity unbeknownst to me."

The singer jokes that it's just as well he's not in any trouble. "I’m too petite to go to prison," he quips. "I don’t think I’d fare well."

Neither Moore nor Thompson have been charged with any crime in the matter.