Changing of time...some of us enjoy it, relish the thought of changes. Others despise it. The last thing we want is to see things change. With progress comes the double-edged sword.

If you haven't had a job that has gone away, you probably have a friend or a family member that saw the writing on the wall. Some have been recently and some jobs haven't been around for quite a while.

A few that come to mind are workers that spent endless hours in shoe and garment factories . Technology not only has taken care of most these jobs but they were also moved outside of the United States. It was very common to have various shoe and garment factories dotted all over the Midwest.

Milkman is another job that no longer exists. Before there was anyplace to keep milk cold, the milkman was there every (or other) day, bringing fresh milk. Of course refrigerators and processing changed all that.  

If you had a telephone, you had to go through a Switchboard Operator. Yes, boys and girls, back in the day there was actually a live person to help connect you to the other party. Plugs had to be used to connect into a switchboard to make those calls happen. Once again, technology won, and the operators lost.

And here's one you don't hear too often-Gandy Dancer. This was the slang name given to railroad workers. These were the guys responsible for laying and maintaining the track. Technology...yep, it came about and more jobs were lost due to the machines that could do the job for less money and with faster results.

There's many more jobs that have gone by the wayside. Can you name any?

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