Back in 2013, Jake Owen was walking through a tough time, as his father had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatments, but two years later, he’s celebrating.

Owen recently posted a video on Instagram of his father wake surfing at a lake, the caption celebrating his father’s journey from cancer patient to master of the wake.

During treatment the artist was open about his father’s condition, posting photos and updates about his progress after throat surgery and radiation therapy.

“What he’s going through in his mind isn’t a big deal, because my dad’s good at everything he’s ever done and he works hard so he can beat it,” Owen explained at the time. “But I remind him sometimes, whether he wants to hear it or not, ‘Dad, what you’re going through is not easy. But I’m here for you, mom’s there for you.’”

It’s clear Owen is close with his father, and proud of the endurance and strength his dad has shown through those difficult times. But with that cancer-free diagnosis still going strong two years later, the family can relax and enjoy the summer together — that is, when Owen isn’t busy charming audiences at the CMT Music Awards. Owen performed his hit "Real Life" at the event June 10, amid a large group of inflatables and dancers in beach-wear, to create one of the most memorable experiences of the evening.

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