You don't dare visit this Missouri place for breakfast unless you are truly hungry. The timid need not apply to the restaurant in Missouri just named the best 'hole-in-the-wall' breakfast joint in the state. They are a giant pancake legend.

This is no small potatoes internet site making this claim either. MSN just listed the best 'hole-in-the-wall' breakfast places in each state and Missouri's choice is no newcomer to breakfast. This is the reason Billy Gail's in Branson, Missouri topped the list.

BunnyPlaysHere via YouTube
BunnyPlaysHere via YouTube

Couple of cool things about this. First, Billy Gail's in Branson, Missouri is a family-owned restaurant. No big company chain to deal with there and that also makes them a true Missouri original. Plus, the pancakes you see above will only run you $6.99 which is a great value considering how much eat-out food costs at most places these days.

My only issue with this list is that Billy Gail's isn't really a hole-in-the-wall unknown place. They're pretty famous in Missouri for breakfast and other foods, too. I think the MSN folks could have chosen a true small town breakfast place that few have heard of, but that's just my two cents talking.

Check out the complete MSN list for more great breakfast places that seem to excel at that first big meal of the day.

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