Wednesday, Thursday night and Friday night this week we will have bitter freezing temperatures over night.  With wind chills we could be looking at lows near -15 degrees.  People, that is cold.  Now I suspect a lot of us do not have a car garage to protect your vehicle.  Over the weekend, we got some snow, and I know on my block there are many vehicles that are on the street, or in apartment parking lots, and you have to clean off your vehicle in the morning.  Perhaps you did some scraping?  I know I did.

Well it could be even worse, temperature wise in a few days.  So I wanted to share some ideas to make sure your car starts.  Nothing worse than a vehicle that turns into an oversized lawn ornament, when it is cold.

1.  Get your battery tested and make sure the charge is strong and there is no corrosion on the terminals.  Lots of places are doing free battery testing, including Midas in Sedalia.  You can click HERE for more info and to see if you can schedule an appointment.

2.  Check the tire pressure on your tires.  Tires tend to deflate a bit when the temperature gets below freezing.  And you do not want to change a flat in freezing temps.

3.  Keep at least a half tank of gas in your car.  I would fuel up before the freeze.  Full tank, even better.  More gas, less chance of water can build up.  If your car is outside, certainly fill the tank.

4.  Check your wiper blades, and yes, have them up in the air so they do not freeze to your windshield.  Easier to clean also.  Perhaps replace if needed.

5.  Tire rotation is good idea.  Like getting your oil changed every 3000 miles, same with the tires.  Have the tires with the best tread in the back.  Many places will offer free tire rotation if you purchase tires through them.  So if you need them, it is an investment worth making.

6.  Check the fluids!  Anti-freeze, wiper fluid, oil, etc.  Brake fluid is key too.  Better safe than sorry.

7.  It will be harder to stop when it is icy and there is snow.  So have your brakes looked at.

Hope these tips help, and if your car starts, perhaps give it a minute to run, and then warm it on the highway, not in the driveway.  But take the first 5-15 minutes and go a little easier.  Make sure the defroster works and get that going.

I have to get up early, and I have to deal with these temps.  Lucky I have a warm jacket, and do not have to drive far.  But if you have a longer drive, and must deal with the elements, these tips will help.  Good luck and stay warm.

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