I don't always agree with the internet when it claims greatness for a location. However, in this case, I think they may be onto something. It's a new declaration that a small town in Missouri is the "coolest". There is some science involved here.

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Far and Wide is the latest culprit media outlet that thinks it can decide what and where the best thing is. In this case, it's their best small towns in each US state ranking. Who/where do they think is the coolest in Missouri? Answer - Weston.

One of the factors that Far and Wide baked into their ranking is how many times a small town has been featured by other sites. In the case of Weston, Missouri, they mention that both House Beautiful and Architectural Digest have stated Weston among their favorites, too.

According to Only In Your State, Weston was named the most beautiful small town by House Beautiful. In the case of Architectural Digest, they were praising one of the fancy homes in the region.

I do think Weston should be complimented for their slow pace of life. A very relaxing main street area.

If you're not familiar with where Weston, Missouri is at, it's just northwest of the Kansas City area. Go Chiefs. Apparently in the state of Missouri, they're also about as cool as you'll get. Allegedly.

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