It's VCR day. Now, some of you out there might not remember these little babies, but I sure do.

The eighties were a time of the VHS tape. For those who were not around, I'll explain. There was a thing called a Video Cassette Recorder, and you would use a Video Home System cassette with it. It was a thing of wonder. You could watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted!

I would buy blank VHS tapes and record my favorite music videos off of the television. I got really good at that pause button, too. If you were taping a TV show, the last thing you wanted were commercials, so if you pushed pause when they started, you could unpause it when it came back on. The early days of DVR!

My parents were the masters of the VHS tape. They subscribed to HBO and The Movie Channel, and would tape their favorites. You could save the best ones from getting taped over by taking out the little black tab on the left side. And, if you bought a VHS movie and it SUCKED, you could always put tape over that little tab and tape over the offending film! At the risk of exposure, I also cannot confirm or deny that anyone taped a copy of any VHS tapes from Aaardvark Video or Scotten's, much less Blockbuster.

They had so many movies on VHS that they had a big orange book that cataloged them all. There were some done by alphabet, and some done by number. And since every VHS tape bought at the store came with labels and number stickers, it was easy! You had to be careful with your tapes, though. If the VCR got mad and snarled the tape out of the container, it could break! You would have to be precise with your application of scotch tape and put them back together. It was usually pretty easy to reel the tape back in, but... you could always see the break in the tape when you'd watch it.

There are still a ton of VHS tapes around my house. There's a whole closet full of the things. I had a VCR until about.... I wanna say 2012? It finally ate the dust then.

Do you still have a VCR or any VHS tapes? Did you tape stuff like we did?
Happy VCR day!

Rewindingly yours,

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