In a way, I'm glad I didn't pick up this call, or nobody would be able to hear it. 

My phone rang in the middle of a meeting here at work.  I declined the call, and that's what I got.  At first it seems normal.  I have a Bank of America card, so that could be a thing.  But then... the Chinese Voice Department? What in the actual heck? It sounds pleasant enough.  Nice music, a nice lady saying SOMETHING to me in Chinese.  But what do you mean, record now? And what kind of notice is it?  Why is there a voice department?

Our news guy, Ryan, suspects that it was a scam that's trying to get recordings of your voice so that they can use it later.  I don't know.  All I know is that I've never quite heard of a scam like this.  But I do think it might be kind of fun to tell people you work in the voice department.  Maybe that's what my new job title should be! When I tell people I work in radio, and they ask me what I do, I should tell them I work in the voice department. The Missouri Voice Department!

So I went to the Google, and I found that yes, other people had gotten this exact same call. The precisely exact same call.

I even found a kind of database of these calls, and found one that sounds almost exactly like mine, which translates to: "Welcome to Bank of America. This is a notice from the Chinese voice Department start recording now and I am leaving town now say something. I mean you'll buy you cook."   Which I guess means they're trying to buy me some food out of town? I don't know.  Either way, whatever it is, I ain't buyin.

But, as scams go, this was a more pleasant experience.

Have you gotten any calls from the Chinese Voice Department? What's the best scam call you've ever gotten?

Departmentally yours,

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