Apparently all 2100 Payless ShoeSource stores have been in liquidation since February. 

How did I not know this?  I mean, is my head literally under a rock?  Well, maybe it's because I wear the same shoes every day until the soles wear out before I hesitantly go buy a new pair.  Working this job, nobody cares really about what you look like, as long as you're, you know, not dirty and somewhat presentable.  So I haven't been shoe shopping in ages.  But yeah, the official "close date" is the 28th of this month, but they said they might not even make it that long before they run out of shoes.

But I'm not the normal person, I'd imagine.  If Husbando had his way, he'd get new clothes or shoes every month or so.  I do remember going there quite a bit as a kid, though.  I remember the little chairs with the mirror on the side, and the little tan socks they'd make you put on so you don't stink up the shoes.  My grandmother was quite pleased to buy me a pair of old fashioned saddle shoes there once.  I was a weird kid.

I tried to find photos of those, but no luck.  You can Google it.

So now, does this mean that we've only got a few places left that specialize in one thing or another?  Do we have to have superstores for everything? Well, I know we still have a few clothing only stores, and I know we have a couple of places for shoes, but are there any other places that are just that one thing? It seems like a lot of the time the stores are "all in one" or "one stop shopping".

It's kind of sad to see the place go.  I hate it whenever a business has to close its doors.  I know it wasn't a huge store, but it was there for a long time (even if it is a chain).  Too bad the corporate so and so's can't get their sherty nonsense together so people can keep their jobs.

Will you miss Payless ShoeSource?

Sourcingly yours,