Growing up our parents were always trying to get us to eat certain food items. I would hope it was because it was a healthy choice, but whether it was good for us or not, there were some foods that would make us cringe as the forkful got close to our mouths.

The top of my list would be spinach. I don't care how many times I saw Popeye stuff a wad out of a can in to his mouth, it was and still is the nastiest stuff around. Now let me step back and say cooked spinach out of can is the nastiest stuff ever. I'll eat spinach dip, salad with spinach leaves in it, and even a cooked dish with a little spinach. All I have to say is don't throw that stuff that I refer to as "pond moss" on my plate after you've dumped it from a can into a saucepan and expect me to eat it.

We threw up a picture of a container of Philadelphia Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page and asked if you would eat it. I thought we would have a couple of responses saying they would try it or that they eat it all the time. Nope, not one person said it was edible. In fact here's some of the responses we got back:

Holly S.S. - Gross

Carol Diane C. - Nope. I don't like salmon or cream cheese

Autry Ann D. - Hard pass.

Now I do have to say, even though no one came right and said they do eat it, one said it might be different for their spouse-

Yvette A.N. - Nope but I'm sure my husband would on crackers

So I guess the container of the smoked salmon cream cheese in the 'frig at the radio station will be safe for now.

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