I had this question posted on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page - How do you have your significant other listed in your contacts in your cell phone? Full name, nickname, etc?

I asked because many do not have their significant other listed in their list of names as someone that would need to be contacted in case of emergency or if your phone is lost. I mean think about it. If you were involved in a wreck and first responders found your phone, how would they know who they should call first as a contact to relay what had happened to you? Or if you lost your phone, wouldn't you want someone to call a contact on your list to let them know that your phone had been found?

Here's some of the posts that were made:

April K. - Husbando for Lifespando

Jennifer C. - David Hubby, and I’m Jenn Wifey on his phone

Michelle C. - Handsome husband and he has me as beautiful wife

Amanda P.B. - Husband.. but mostly bc if something happened and I couldn't use my phone, I'd want the number easier to find. I also don't put a lock on my phone for that reason

Some of the responses that we received on the KIX 105.7 Facebook post were fantastic, but there were two that made me wonder if these were the best ones. A lot of responders said they had "Ice" and then Husband, Baby, Wife, etc. The "Ice" is actually an acronym and it stands for In Case of Emergency.

The other one that I think is also as good comes from Jodi H.B. It's  "@hubby". This way the name is at the top of the contact list.

If you haven't set up a name like the aforementioned ones in your phone, you might want to do so!

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