It was mid-January when the announcement was made that the hospital in Boonville was closing it's doors. Since then it's been a problem for area residents as they try to get their medical records.

According to a report from KOMU-TV in Columbia, residents are having a hard time getting their records from the Pinnacle -owned hospital.

Requests for the patient records are averaging 300-350 per day.

In the report on, Pinnacle Regional Hospital-Boonville posted this statement:

To our community:

Since the announcement of our closure, the facility has been inundated with 300-350 medical records requests per day. Please know that we are working as fast as we can to fill these requests and will continue to do so as staffing permits. We are also working to find a long-term partner who can act as custodian for our medical records for the next ten years, as is required by law. Once we have finalized those long-term arrangements, we will pass that information along to you through various media outlets.

Effective Thursday, January 30th, we will be adjusting the hours that we will be accepting and distributing medical records out of the Emergency Department. After the 30th, medical records may be requested and picked up between the hours of 09:00 am and 12:00 pm, Monday through



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