I was at the Warrensburg Walmart when the oddest thing happened. It almost seemed as if the self-checkout machines decided they had enough and decided they were going to rebel against their human overlords.

I know I know, the computers and machines aren't that smart... yet.

Anyway, I had stopped into Walmart for a few quick items and decided it was just easier to use the self check out than go wait in line for a human. I was standing there scanning my items. Item one, item two, and item three. Which by the way was the same as the first two items, when item three tripped the scanner.

It told me it was an item that required a human to check and make sure I was allowed to purchase it. Yet when the Walmart employee came over to fix the scanner she said it was a missed scan. She cleared it, I rescanned the item, and moved on.

The next item scanned, and I'll be darned if the same thing didn't happen again.

Now when the scanner messes up, all of a sudden the red light above the scanner starts blinking and you have to wait until an employee stops by and resets it. Anyway, I look and I notice I'm not the only one this is happening to at the self-checkers. One by one the lights go blinking red right down the line.

At this same moment, the young lady monitoring the self-checkouts is hopscotching back and forth from checkout machine to checkout machine scanning her card so we can all rescan the item that the scanner missed.

When she reached my register I said, "gonna be a tough shift if this keeps happening all night." As we chatted for a few seconds she told me she thought it seemed like the internet might be going down. So I quickly scanned my item, slid my debit card into the machine, paid, and decided to get out of there before another malfunction made my trip more annoying.

The young Walmart employee was terrific. Five stars all the way. She helped all her customers. Had a great attitude. Kept her cool, and even kept a smile on her face for the customers. As for Walmart's self check out machines, well they stunk. It's because of that, that I gave Walmart a two-star rating for this visit, and that was generous if you ask me.

It's almost as if the machines were... organized.

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