Those pesky little critters. Well, I guess they're not really a critter, but they are pesky! Here's how you can get rid of fruit flies.

Unfortunately, the hot days of summer and fruit flies go together. It seems like whenever you buy bananas or put out a bowl of fruit these little creatures appear out of nowhere. Trying to get rid of them can be an almost impossible task. Maybe these tricks will help you the next time they show up.

According to, a few of these ideas might do the job.

Trying putting some cheap beer and a couple slices of tomato in a jar. Make a makeshift funnel that inserts into the jar. Make sure that hole at the bottom of the funnel is small enough so the flies won't get back out of the jar.

If you notice that the fruit flies have headed down your drain, (this is where they will reproduce) try putting some vinegar and boiling water down the hole. Use equal parts to be effective.

Try this and see if you see less of the little pain-in the-behinds!

Still-life of fresh fruit

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